SociaLife Design's Methodology:

Trust The Process.

Websites should offer more than aesthetics. They should attract visitors and help your audience, future customers, or peers understand your service, product, company, or brand through design. This experience includes different processes, captivating aesthetics, text, and engagement. Your site needs to work towards a defined goal.

Our Methodology

Here at SociaLife Designs, we try to fuse both layout and functionality into our websites:

  1. Setting the Goalposts in cement, not skates: We sit and work with the client to gather their requirements and determine what benchmarks the new website needs to fulfill. After you have filled out the form on our Contact page, we email you a questionnaire to understand the needs and requirements of your website.
  2. Scope and Time: With the website's purpose established, we can define the scope of the project. Timelines to fulfill the design of the project.
  3. Sitemap: Now that the scope, dates, and timeline are known, the development of the site can begin, starting with the sitemap. Having a schedule and a graphical blueprint of the site will drive the pace of development and how the content and features will relate.
  4. Content: As one of my favorite copywriters, Ashlyn Carter, states, "The design's important. The copy's more important." The development of the site can begin with creating content for the individual pages. Produce copy composition with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. It will keep the focus on a topic per page.
  5. Art Makes Everything Better: Things are taking fold now (It's Happening!), we have a site map (site architecture) and optimized (SEO) copy in place, we can begin the visual brand of your site. It may already be well-defined, or we'll have to define the visual style from the ground up.
  6. Testing: The site is just about ready to go live, pages contain excellent optimized copy with defined workflow on how visitors will see the website. Now it is time to make sure it all works.
  7. Launch: All the boxes are checked off; every link successfully clicked (We're 404 free baby!), it's launch time!

Let's get started on your website today!

At SociaLife Designs, we are always ready to go. We want to find out the requirements for your site to build, design, and code the layout correctly. Please fill out the form below, and let us get your brand and presence out to your customers.
"Clark handled my website and social media platform for an officer position for a legal organization. The layout and functionality of the website was user friendly and allowed me to reach many voters. The social media management reached potential voters in different demographics across the country. Because of Clark’s technical expertise, I was able to run a great campaign. Not only does he offer state-of-the-art technical services, but his professionalism is exceptional. I highly recommend him! - Bridget L.