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About Us

SociaLife Designs is a digital marketing agency based in the Washington, D.C metro area. We specialize in content creation for web design and offer several social media management packages for your brand or business social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. We help small businesses and brands become digital and social marketing savvy!

About the Owner

My name is Clark McMillian, Jr., owner of SociaLife Designs, LLC. I designed my first website in 1996, which displayed "Hello World!". I wrote the code in Microsoft's notepad and viewed it in a Netscape (Now Firefox) web browser. At the time, browsers could only display text (I've been doing this for a while), but I recognized instantly, the power of this medium to broadcast communication to the world.

The world, HTML, and web design have changed considerably since 1996. No longer a text-only medium, good web design should promote an enticing and responsive experience, no matter the website's purpose.

As a writer and independent filmmaker, I leverage my creativity into your web design and social media content. I enjoy making enticing layouts for my customer's websites, taking stunning photographs (called "banger shots") during golden hour for your Instagram grid, or making fun viral videos for your Twitter timeline!

Working Together

The progress and advancements in technology have made it easier for businesses like yours to reach audiences from up the block to thousands of miles away. I love working with entrepreneurs such as yourself, who are starting a business from scratch.

I feel inspired after hearing your stories of "WHY," be it out of necessity, a life's goal, or a dream.  I, just like you, understand how in the beginning, there's that nervous energy of hope, passion, and inspiration that gets you going.

The obstacles come fast and often. As the fear, doubt, and uncertainty began to settle in, be assured, we will get past those and help you continue to see your goals through. You can do this!

"Clark possesses a unique gift of having the deep insight that is required to market the skills of his clients. His expertise in writing and filmmaking complement his core niche and talent, which is social media marketing. When he took over marketing responsibilities for 7DotsMedia, my company was looking to promote workshops and classes that we offered. Clark’s detailed observations of 7Dots Media’s subject matter and expertise was able to leverage his top-notch visual presentation skills. He developed promotional material that not only attracted new customers for the company but also became the basis for avenues of my company’s expansion." - Nitin A.

Stay Viral My Friends!

There is not a bigger jolt or boost in your quest than having a clear, well designed, and optimized website. It makes the journey REAL and gives the world instant access to your dream. At SociaLife Designs, we offer a suite of services to get your business off the ground.

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